A client only wants to buy products?

The customer does not have an appointment and does not want any haircut or treatments.
He / she only wants to buy products.

We open a new account at the cash register for:

1. Existing customer of whom you have data:
1. Via customer Klanten.png search for the customer
2. Click on the € mark below the picture to open an account.
1. Via cash register kassa.png
2. Search customer name via search function to open new account

2. A new customer for which you do not yet have data:
The customer allows his data to be kept in the customer base
1. Via Cash Register kassa.png
2. Click on 'new customer' 
3. You will receive a 'add customer' page that you fill in manually or via E-id reader
4. Save data to get new account

Customer does not allow his data to be kept in the customer base
1. Via Cash register kassa.png
2. Click on 'one-off customer'
3. Enter (estimated) age and indicate whether it is male / female
Schermafbeelding_2019-03-09_om_16.07.26.png Schermafbeelding_2019-03-09_om_16.07.33.png

In the open account that has now been created you can now add a product in 2 ways:

1) Scan the product with the barcode scanner. If the product has been added to your stock management, the product will immediately appear at the cash register with the preset price.

2) Add the product manually by clicking the "Products" button and selecting the sold product.


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