I have indicated the wrong payment method, how do correct it?

Did you accidentally click on cash in the system when the customer actually paid via bancontact, or did you already indicate that the customer paid with bancontact while they now prefer to pay in cash?
You can still adjust the finished bill the following way:

1. Go to Register kassa.png
2. Select the logbook
3. Go to the account where the incorrect payment method was entered and click on 'Update'
4. In the pop-up, enter the amount for the correct payment method and delete the amount for the incorrect payment method.
5. The logbook now shows that the incorrect payment method has been reversed and the correct one has been used.

 Pay attention! If no new payment method is entered and the old one is deleted, you will receive a warning "If the total amount is € 0, the ticket will be deleted"
The bill will disappear from the logbook.


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