how do I do a cash register withdrawal?

When you withdraw cash from your cash register, this must be registered in the system so that the cash amounts add up at the end of the day.

How do I do the cash withdrawal? 
1. Go to 'Register' kassa.png
2. Click on 'Cash out' 
3. Enter in the pop-up: the amount you withdraw, the person who does the withdrawal, the date the withdrawal takes place and the reason for withdrawal
4. Click on save


Where can I consult the withdrawals?
- In the Register kassa.png
In the logbook you can see all the cash in/cash out for that date at the bottom of the page
- Reports Rapporten.png
In the checkout book there is a blue check mark at the end of the date line if you have have done a cash out. You can click it to see the details.


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