How can I adjust exceptional work hours or opening hours for a specific period?

Do you want to change your online business hours temporarily? Do you have some exceptional business hours, for example the first 2 sundays of the month?

Add extra (exceptional) work hours or business hours
1. Settings
2. Users
3. Click on a user
4. Click on "Exceptional work hours"
5. Click Create
6. Add the the extra hours


!! If you want to apply this for the entire company, you must apply the exceptional work hours for each user individually. Customers cannot book online when you use a block. For them, this moment seems "full".

Restrict opening hours
In the calender you can block hours using "blocks".

1. Calender
2. Select a time
3. Click on "Block" and at the top
4. Choose the category: Away, pause, vacation, ...
5. Click and save
6. You can now extend the block and click once and then drag and drop.
7. If necessary, you can repeat these blocks

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