How can I trace gift cards

A gift card is a nice product that your clients can purchase in your salon to give to their friends, family or loved ones.

With the software there are 2 types of gift cards you can sell and receive:
gift cards with barcode or numbering and gift cards without numbering. 

Tip: When you have a tax inspection, it is always better to be able to give more detail to the inspector. We therefore advise to use the tracking system. 

How to activate the tracking of the gift cards
1. Go to 'Settings' Instellingen.png
2. Click on 'register' 
3. Go to 'General' 
4. Tick 'Giftcard tracking active' 
5. Save at the bottom of the page
Follow the same steps to deactivate again, tick off 'giftcard tracking active' and save. 

How to sell a gift card with numbering / barcode
1. Go to 'Register' kassa.png
2. Open a new receipt on the name of the client buying the gift card or choose one-time customer
3. Press '+Giftcard' 
4. Enter the barcode or enter the number of the gift card 
5. Choose an amount
6. Confirm 
7. Pay for the gift card with a method of payment (ex. cash) 

How do I register a client paying with a gift card?  
A lucky client has received the gift card and will come by the salon soon to use it. 
1. Go to 'Register' kassa.png
2. Select the client/one time customer who wants to pay with the gift card. 
3. Add the menu/service/products to the bill that the client received
4. Use 'Gift Card' as the method of payment. 
5. Fill in the the number of the giftcard or scan the barcode 
6. Choose the amount that the client wishes to use of the giftcard, this can not exceed the value of the gift card.
7. If the value of the giftcard was lower than the amount that needs to be paid, you can choose another method of payment for the leftover amount. 

When a customer comes in with a gift card from before were tracking, then you simply have to tick of the option for the tracking before entering it as a payment method. 
Settings - Register - Gift card tracking enabled tick off - save.
After this payment you can check it back to give the next gift voucher a number.

When using giftcards without a number or barcode, the way to sell or use it as a payment method  is the same, only you will not have to add the number /barcode of the gift card. 

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