How can I adjust or personalize my e-mail confirmation?

When a customer makes an appointment, he / she will receive a confirmation email. It is possible to adjust or personalize this mail so that you determine what the customer will receive. For example, the cancellation conditions can be stated here.

Follow the following steps:

1. Go to Settings"
2. Then click on "Agenda"
3. At the bottom you will find "email templates"
4. Enter the desired text under "Template e-mail confirmation":

5. Press "Save" at the bottom
6. Then make a test appointment in the agenda to see if everything is set up correctly

Pay attention:

It is necessary that the tags [firstname] [date] [appointment] [manage_appointments_button] are used in the text to finish the email confirmation nicely.

If there is text in the e-mail template, it will be sent instead of our standard confirmation text.

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