How to install Optios on Mac computer?

To work correctly with Optios, it is important that a setup is installed on the computer. If this setup is not installed, you may experience problems with the use of hardware (ID reader, barcode scanner, ticket printer, ...)

Follow the steps below:

1. Install Google Chrome Google_Chrome_icon__2011_.png on the computer (Click here to download Google Chrome)

2. Make sure Google Chrome is set as the default browser (Click here to set the default browser)

3. Click on the following link to install Optios: Install Optios

4. Go to finder logo_brand_brands_logos_finder-512.png > downloads and click on Optios

NOTE: If there is a line through the blue Optios icon, you will first have to perform a software update. You can find this update in the App Store App-Store-Logo-16x9.png.

5. Now an icon of Optios download.png will appear on your desktop

6. Move the Optios icon so that it is pinned to your taskbar

7. Optios is ready to use

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