How can I set up my devices?

For some salons it is necessary to create a "device". This device is then used for a specific treatment and can only be used at specific time. Eg, an IPL device for laser hair removal.

Devices can be created in the following way:

1. Press "Settings"
2. Press "Calender"
3. Press "Devices"
4. Press "Create"


5. Enter the name of the device
6. Press "Save".


When customers are able book services online that are performed with this device, you will have to indicate this in the activities en services itself. The software must know which activities the device is used for. This can be done in the following way:

1. Press "Settings"
2. Press "activities"
3. Select a category of activities (eg hair removal)
4. Press the 3 dots to the right of the name of the service (eg IPL session 60 min)
5. Press the first edit icon


6. Select the device with which this service is performed at the bottom right
7. Press "Save"

When someone now books the service "IPL session 60 min" online, there will be no possibility for another customer to book this or any other laser hair removal during this moment. Not even if several employees (or cabins) are available. All services linked to the IPL appliance will be blocked for the online booking for 60min, because one employee is busy with the appliance during that time.

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