Why is it that customers do not receive e-mail / SMS confirmations or e-mail / SMS reminders?

Are you unsure whether your customer has received an appointment confirmation or your customer says no reminder has been sent?

You can check this yourself from now on thanks to the communication tab in the customer database.
In the communication tab you can choose between e-mails or text messages.
You will now see all e-mail / SMS traffic per appointment.
If you click on an e-mail or text message, you will see what exactly has been sent to your customer.

Can you not see an e-mail / SMS traffic? This can be the following:

- No e-mail address is entered in the customer card
- In the customer card the bottom is not checked to receive e-mails / sms
- In your settings ✄ Agenda ✄ General it is not checked to send a confirmation e-mail to the customer
- Stand with your settings ✄ Calendar ✄ E-mail reminders / SMS reminder not activated

- Your SMS credits are gone. You can purchase these back via Settings ✄ shop

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