How do I best deal with online no-shows and fake bookings?

Unfortunately, it is increasingly a recurring phenomenon; the customer who makes a booking online and then does not show up in the salon.

n your account you can already mark customers on the agenda as 'no show' so that the appointment will be processed.
On the agenda the appointment turns gray and the bill disappears from the cash register.
In addition, you will see an orange frame around the appointment in the customer file with the message that the customer did not show up.
If you have customers who make online bookings and do not show up repeatedly or a high percentage of customers who do not fulfill their agreement, then you can consider our
'advanced no-show function' to activate for your salon.
Send us an email for additional information about this module.

With this module activated, you can indicate a customer on the agenda as 'no show', the system now automatically asks if you want to block this customer for online bookings.
This customer can now only make an appointment by telephone, there too you get a warning that this customer did not show up in the past.
In addition, there is now an extra option in each customer card to block online bookings for this person. Here you can also undo a block back.

Do you suspect that a single person will create a new e-mail address each time to make false bookings with you?
With the advanced no-show function you can block the booking every time, this is usually a temporary action of a disgruntled person, but they quickly become tired if they have to create a completely new e-mail account each time.

However, it is impossible for us to find out who this person might be.
Optios does not see any personal information from your customers via online bookings except for the information entered and due to the privacy legislation it is strictly forbidden to make the IP address known.
In this case we advise you to certainly file a complaint with the police.

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