How can I create different discount types?

Probably you have students visiting your salon to whom you'd give a discount or you'd like to give a discount on a certain time of the week.

* Create the discount types:
1. Go to Settings Instellingen.png
2. Choose 'Register'
3. Select 'Discount Types'
4. Click on 'add'
5. Give a name to your discount and add it again


* Use discount type at the cash register:
1. Go to Register kassa.png
2. Open the customer's bill
3. Click on '+ discount'
4. Enter the amount of the discount
5. Select type of discount
6. Click on 'add'


* Where do I see my discount? (Statistics module required)
1. Go to Reports. Rapporten.png
2. Select report 'Discounts'
3. Enter the date from ... to ... for which you want to see the discounts given.


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