How can I publish the feedback / reviews of my customers?

Customers can give their feedback through Optios. An e-mail can be sent to the customer after checkout. In the e-mail the customer is able to indicate with a smiling or sad face how his/her experience went. In addition, it is also possible for customers to submit comments.

To activate customer feedback you can follow the following steps:
1. Settings
2. Customers
3. General
4. Select the "Customer feedback" check box
5. Press submit

To consult customer feedback afterwards, you can click on:
1. Customers
2. Feedback

Publish on the mini-website:

If you put the feedback "published" it will be on the mini website of your ID
1. Customers
2. Feedback
3. Click on red globe
4. Globe is green = published on mini website



Publish on your own website:

These comments can be published on your website via an iframe that your web developer can build in. The code to build this in is the following - PLEASE NOTE - you must replace the 4 red dots with your own Optios account ID !! (4 digits)

White background:
<iframe src="" style="width: 100%; height: 800px; background-color: white"></iframe>

Black background:
<iframe src="" style="width: 100%; height: 800px; background-color: black"></iframe>


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